My name is Tomasz Szczepański and I'd like to introduce you to few of my web projects.

There are projects where I was a developer, on the others I was the person responsible for deploying finished product.

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RRC Poland #1

My first project right after I was hired by RRC.

My tasks: finish new website implementation, check functionality, find and report errors, fill with content and graphics.

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RRC Poland #2

My second project at RRC. First project with ecommerce system. Implementation new website in Poland. Then deploying it in offices in CEE.

My tasks: beside standard bug finding, content and graphics I was responsible for correct operation of the ecommerce system and adjusting built system to polish sales system.

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RRC Poland #3

Current website. www.rrc.pl. Changes in ecommerce system.

My tasks: cooperation with developers (Exant) in order to deploy fine working system. Bug fixing, content and graphics work.
My current tasks are: maintaining website, filling it with content provided by business units (e.g. banners, promotions, text content, etc)

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Other projects for RRC

Training Center My initiative to improve business partner training process. I created website in HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL and a bit of JS to help our system engineers publish incoming trainings via my own CMS system and help BP's registration process.

Zebra Microsite Static page in HTML, PHP, CSS to gather information about Zebra Technologies products.

RRC Business Partner Conference & Event Static page in HTML, PHP, CSS to inform our BP's about incoming conference. I've made dozens of similiar (in terms of functionality) websites for different conferences and events.

And: a lot of microsites and landing pages prepared for certain promotions with registration etc.

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Fiat Bank #1

First project for bigger client.

My tasks: cooperation with developers (Arc in Italy) and my client in order to adjust very general website to specific needs for polish market and Fiat Group brands. Also implementation of the website made in Joomla to the polish market.

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FCA Bank #2

Current project - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Bank

My tasks: cooperation with developers (Arc in Italy) and my client to implement new website into polish market. Adjusting some differences between corporate standard and local needs.

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Mage Content Manager

As a business owner I developed from scratch, a custom made Content Managment System for my customers.

Basic functionality: Menu management up to 2 levels, multi-language front-end, slider / banner / popups management, static text management, gallery with thumbnail creator, simple reservation system and notification, user registration and management, course viewer with progress tracking.

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At the end I'd like to link few websites made by me. Some are outdated and old, some are new.

Azalia Flower Store IT Surge Wedding website FCA Fleet Services

I refuse to admit to the others :)

Thank you for your time

best regards, Tom